If you are a REP holder, there are some things you MUST do for a fork to not lose your REP.

Before a fork starts

REP holders have 2 things to do even before a fork starts so that they don’t lose the value of their REP. One is to convert REPv1 to REPv2 and the other is to check monthly to see if a fork occurs.

Convert REPv1 to REPv2

REPv1 holders MUST convert their REPv1 to REPv2, because REP in the parent universe can be migrated to only its child universe and once the fork is complete migration into a child universe is no longer possible!

That means they have to follow the chain of universes. For example, forks occur in the following order:

universe A → universe B → universe C

and REP exits in the universe A, it has to be migrated as follows:

universe A → universe B → universe C

It cannot skip universe B.

Figure 1. chain of universes

Check monthly to see if a fork occurs

Forks last for 60 days, so it is strongly recommended that all REP holders “check in” on the project at least once a month to make sure that no fork is underway or they risk losing all of their REP.

The process of “checking in” just means open the Augur UI or ask around (Discord, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) and see if a fork is underway. If no fork is underway then you can go back to passively holding for a month until your next check in without risk of losing your REP.

Useful links for checking if a fork occurs are:

After starting a fork (60 days)

REP holders needs to pick a side and migrate their REP to the child universe they believe aligns with reality within 60 days from starting a fork.

After 60 days from starting a fork, REP in the parent universe are locked and can not be migrated to the child universe permanently.

However, the choice should be considered carefully, because migration is one-way; it cannot be reversed. REP cannot be sent from one sibling universe to another.

What if REP holders don’t wish to join in the fork?

They may sell their REP before the fork is over, but beware that if many people exercise this strategy the price of REP may drop leading up to the fork and then rebound in the truth universe after the fork, this could be a costly strategy.

You receive 40% ROI by joining in the fork?

Wether you receive 40% ROI on your migrated REP by joining in the fork depends on when and where you migrate your REP. If you migrate your REP during the forking period and the child universe which you migrate it becomes winning universe , then you get 40% ROI on your migrated REP. If you migrate after the forking period, you may not get 40% ROI but you can migrate it without risk of migrating to losing universe. Because the final outcome of the forking market is fixed when the forking period ends.

In other words, you must migirate your REP within 60 days after a fork starts, but it is not necessarily to migrate it during the forking period. The forking period ends when the forking market enters the finalized state, it can take less than 60 days. While, the period which you can migrate your REP is always fixed 60 days.

Figure 2. forking period and migratable period